Marian Quality Assurance Summit (MQAS) sessions were conducted in support to the operationalization of the planned phases of the institutionalization of the Marian Institutional Quality Assurance (MIQA) system. MQAS sessions were participated by AB-level, middle-level, and selected junior-level managers.

MQAS session 1 was done last July 5, 2016. The main expected output for the first session was the domain specific MIQA standards and benchmarks. The second MQAS session was done August 1, 2016. The primary objective of the second session was for the final reading and approval of the prepared MIQA standards and benchmarks. A third MQAS session was also conducted last September 14, 2016. The third session was planned to be a continuation of the final reading and eventual adoption of the prepared MIQA standards and benchmarks. Yet, during the proceedings, a redirection was made to give utmost attention to the various domains or areas of interests that should be covered by MIQA.


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