The University’s project, Institutionalization of Marian Institutional Quality Assurance (MIQA) System, the very first concept paper in the country that was submitted for review to CHED’s national office last June 28, 2016 for an Institutional Development and Innovation Grant (IDIG), was given an approved funding of PHP 2,010,035.00. The Certificate of Award was given last December 13, 2016. Thus far, it is the only project from a private higher education institution (HEI) amongst the three grantees in the Cagayan Valley region.

CHED K to 12 Transition Program was launched to utilize the period of transition to the K to 12 basic education curriculum to similarly upgrade Philippine higher education. One of the components of said program was the IDIG which are awarded to higher education institutions (HEIs) to fund initiatives that strengthen their qualifications and capacity to respond and remain relevant to local, regional, national, and global priorities.


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